About the UFA

The Utah Flute Association is a non-profit organization created to foster great flute music in our community and beyond. The UFA sponsors concerts featuring prominent national flutists as well as our local performers. We are dedicated to excellence in music education by hosting masterclasses, competitions and workshops at the student and professional level. It is our goal to promote the sharing and enjoyment of the flute repertoire and to facilitate a network of flute lovers.


Board Members

President: Sally Humphreys

Vice President: (vacant)

Secretary: Lorinda Atwater

Treasurer & Memberships: Karen Perkins

Newsletter Editor: Erica Peterson

Webmaster: Alison Olsen

Publicity Director: Stephanie Strait & Carson Tueller

Masterclass Coordinator: Shay Nelson

Grants: Tia Jaynes & Karen Perkins

Graphic Design: Alina Osika

Venue Coordinator: Nancy Toone


Honorary Board Members

Founder/Advisor: Karen Perkins

Advisor: Elizabeth Weissman

Immediate Past President: Christina Castellanos

Laureate Board Member: Erich Graf


Collegiate Liaisons

Brigham Young University: April Clayton

Snow College: Adrienne Read

University of Utah: Lisa Byrnes

Utah State University: Leslie Timmons

Utah Valley University: Rebecca Chapman

Westminster College: Sally Humphreys

Weber State University: Cindy Henderson


Call For Volunteers:

The UFA needs members willing to serve as offices and volunteers. By donating some of your time and energy, you will be making a meaningful contribution to the UFA and you will get the chance to make a difference in our organization.

For more information contact us at info@utahflute.org