MWFF Flute Olympics

On your mark… get set… BLOW!  

Join MWFF for two days of Flute Olympic Games! 

Prepare your scales to play for a Flute Expert and receive a gold medal, participate in breathing games, long tone races, and even Flute Case Wrestling!  Make your way through the various Flute Olympic challenges to earn prizes and learn new flute skills!

Scale Olympic Rules: 

Before MWFF begins, choose your scale level and prepare as many steps within that level that you desire.  (You do not have to learn every step within your level to participate.)  You will pass off what you know to a Flute Scale Expert at MWFF.  A “GOLD” medal will be presented to those that pass off ALL the steps within their level.  A Special award will be given to the student that can play the longest long tone at MWFF!

Level Challenges

Download your own copy of the flute olympic scaling level guidesheet here, so you can take it to your next flute lesson!