About UFA

The Utah Flute Association is a non-profit organization created to foster great flute music within Utah and beyond. We support and engage flutists of all levels and experiences, while continuing to be a resource for all those in our local flute community.

2023-2024 Season Overview 

August 19th, 2023Flute Choir in the Park
September 9, 2023Masterclass & Workshop with Christina Castellanos 
October 20, 2023 All-State Prep Event
October 21, 2023CharFluterie & Open Mic Night
November 4th, 2023Jonathan Borja Masterclass & Recital
November 1, 2023 –  Nationwide Adult Amateur Competition Registration Deadline
December 4, 2023 Nationwide Adult Amateur Competition Submission Deadline
December 2, 2023Flute Caroling & Holiday Party (Event Cancelled)
December 15, 2023High School Scholarship Registration Deadline
January 13, 2024High School Scholarship Competition
January 20, 2024Fusion Music by Female Composers with Dr. Nadine Luke
January 21, 2024 – Artist Performer Submission Due
February 10, 2024Sonata Competition Registration Deadline
February 16, 2024Small Ensemble Play-In & Valentines Social
March 15th, 2024 –  Sonata Competition
March 16th, 2024 –  Utah Flute Convention
March 23rd, 2024Sonata Competition Winners Recital
April 13, 2024 – Masterclass & Workshop with Dr. Tia Jaynes
June 26-29, 2024 MountainWest FluteFest


Joyce Bennett
Elaine Jorgensen
Karen Perkins
Founded 1987

Board of Directors

Ashley Tingey / President
Dr. Jeiran Hasan / Vice President 
Kristen Parrish / Secretary
Annie Jones / Treasurer 
Gabriel Gutierrez / Graphics & Publications
Eileen Amari-Vaught / Venue Coordinator
Rachel Reece / Social Media
Maren Crowley / Newsletters
Brittni McDonald / Vendors
Madeline Harrison / Grant Writing
Drew Powell / Sonata Competition Schedule Coordinator
Virva Sandorf / Sonata Competition Coordinator
Tara Briggs / Sonata Competition Coordinator
Rachel Christensen / High School Scholarship Competition Coordinator – Sonata Competition Judge Coordinator
Katrina Young / MountainWest FluteFest Director

Collegiate Liaisons

Lisa Byrnes / University of Utah
Christina Castellanos / Brigham Young University
Dr. Tia Jaynes / Salt Lake Community College
Dr. April Clayton / Utah Valley University / Snow College / Westminster College
Dr. Jeiran Hasan / Utah State University
Cindy Henderson / Weber State University
Virginia Stitt / Southern Utah University

Collegiate Ambassadors

Emma Blake / University of Utah
Jillian Rawlins Townsend / Brigham Young University
Anna Johnson / Utah State University
Melia Morrison / Weber State University

Honorary Board of Directors

Nicole Elkins / Past President
​Karen Perkins / Advisor & Founder
Elizabeth Weissman / Advisor